Want a technical review of McAfee's Next Generation Network solutions? Attend one or more of these live TechTalk webcasts, hosted by a McAfee network security expert, featuring McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8 and McAfee's Network Security Platform:

Date TechTalk Topic
Thursday, October 21
2PM GMT / 8am CST

Or click here for the Recorded/On-demand Next Generation Firewall Tech Talk.

McAfee Next Generation Firewall

Attend one of these TechTalks to check out the latest technologies released in McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8.

Find out how to:

  • Create firewall rules in business language - users and applications (not ports and protocols)
  • Achieve fine grain control of applications to mitigate risks
  • Graphically monitor firewall activity with McAfee Profiler
  • Inspect encrypted traffic to eliminate a major source of threat vectors
  • Achieve operational efficiencies with McAfee Control Center
  • Convert existing firewall rules to McAfee Next Generation Firewall
  • Streamline network-to-endpoint event investigation with ePolicy™ Orchestrator®
Date TechTalk Topic
Thursday, October 7

Or click here for the Recorded/ On-demand IPS Tech Talk.

McAfee Intrusion Prevention System

Attend one of these TechTalks to learn more about the leading IPS solution: McAfee's Network Security Platform.

Learn more about:

  • Recent trends in the threat landscape, including the resurgence of botnets
  • The rise in Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and implications for network defenses
  • The importance of real-time threat feeds to network IPS devices
  • McAfee Global Threat Intelligence and reputation-based protection techniques
  • Next-gen network architectures and why 10GigE matters to network security

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Webinar Replays

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